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  • Rotovac 360i in action

    Best Carpet Cleaning Equipment on the market

    Enhanced Stain Removal: Stubborn stains and embedded dirt are often challenging to remove with conventional cleaning methods.


    Consistent Performance: With its automated rotary cleaning system, Rotovac ensures consistent cleaning performance across different carpet types and conditions.


    Versatility: Rotovac is suitable for various carpet styles, including residential and commercial carpets, low-pile to high-pile, and even heavily soiled areas.

  • Best Equipment

    Superior Cleaning Power: Rotovac utilizes a unique rotary extraction system that combines the power of rotary scrubbing with hot water extraction.


    Time and Labor Efficiency: The Rotovac significantly reduces the amount of time and effort required for carpet cleaning tasks. Its motorized action takes the strain off the operator, allowing them to cover larger areas in less time while achieving better results.


    Customer Satisfaction: Carpets cleaned with Rotovac tend to have a more visually appealing appearance and a longer lifespan.


    Industry Recognition: Rotovac has gained widespread recognition and positive reviews from carpet cleaning professionals worldwide.

    Our Success

    Rotovac's combination of powerful cleaning action, efficiency, versatility, and customer satisfaction makes it the best equipment in the carpet cleaning industry. Its technology-driven approach revolutionizes the cleaning process, offering superior results that set a new standard in the field of carpet maintenance. Rotovac is widely regarded as the best equipment in the carpet cleaning industry due to its exceptional performance, advanced technology, and outstanding results. Here are some key reasons why Rotovac stands out among its competitors.