• PL Marketing Partners Digital marketing Lead Generation / Automation Software solution Options

    Secure your Lead Partnership today and invest in your business's future!" "Unlock the Potential of Affordable Technology for Small Businesses. Introducing the PL Marketing Partners Program - Your Partner in Business Growth. Harness the Full Potential of Internet Leads with Proven Success. Secure your Lead Partnership today and invest in your business's future!"

    $195.00 a month program available for small introduction to automation Software Technology

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    Program Price- Recommended

    Basic Marketing Automation


    per month

    *Database in CRM

    *Upload current customers

    *Automated Miss call Text Back

    *Customer Booking calendar {Automated}

    *Google Reviews automated

    {weekly 1 hour training ZOOM}


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    Program Price

    Basic Marketing Automation +


    per month

    Basic Marketing Automation +

    *Develop Webpage/Landing Page

    *200 Targeted Leads

    *Email Marketing Campaign designed {Automated}

    *Text message Campaign Designed {Automated}

    *Phone APP Capabilities

    {weekly 1 hour training ZOOM} 

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    Program Price

    Premium Plan Automation +


    per month

    Premium Auto Program +

    *1 hour per month consultation

    Multiple / Landing Pages+

    *YouTube channel and LinkedIn

    *Video Ad Creation

    *AI Marketing Automation

    *FaceBook & Instagram Marketing

    {weekly 1 hour training ZOOM}

  • 1 minute video presenting just a few small capabilities of our software. To start the conversation process.

    We have Dozens of technical capabilities of things we can do for you in this technical area. Schedule a time with us.

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    Safety measures and disclosure we put in place for security: Paying online has become increasingly secure due to advancements in backend security systems. These robust measures include advanced encryption protocols, secure socket layers (SSL), and tokenization, which protect sensitive data during transmission. Additionally, two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to provide a second form of verification, such as a unique code sent to their mobile device. Payment gateways employ fraud detection systems that analyze transaction patterns and behavior to identify and prevent fraudulent activities. Lastly, reputable online merchants invest in regular security audits and updates to ensure their platforms are equipped with the latest security patches, making online payments safer than ever before.